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Before You Embark On A Journey Of Revenge, Dig Two Graves ... by Confucius

I am not. I am not the revengeful or vengeful type. I do not care to destroy another person no matter how angry or what the situation may be (but don't mess with my children!). Over the past few weeks, I have had to take the higher road than the darker, lower road which would only lead to my own demise.

I have been wronged in an enormous way and maybe it would be in my rights to seek revenge. Revenge would only lead to my own failures.

What gives another person the permission to damper, degrade, maim, and destroy? It is because they can? Is it because I have exposed their own personal issues and unhappiness? Is it because I have moved on from the pettiness and obsolete? Who knows what they do what they do but we cannot direct their negative actions but we can choose how we respond.

Today I sat with my husband for a checkup. This pancreas and his kidneys are doing well. This is what I should continue putting my energies in. For five years, I have worked hard, taken care of my family, and moved forward in my employment and college career. I believe that under stress and/or immediate attention of life, our brain takes us to another level; whether in the positive or in the negative. It is our choice!